bitPaymt provides multiple crypto payment options for commercial, institutional, industrial  and municipal clients locally and online providing the best options. We partner with  international crypto exchanges and payment providers which are fully compliant with financial regulations. 

Have a high traffic website and you want to the option of accepting multiple different kinds of crypto currency payments? Send us your email and we will provide you a better rate. Real Estate and high value items are eligible for our minimum rates. Please note that at no time will or partners and affiliates or sponsors on our sites ever ask you for crypto or crypto payments directly at any time. Our payment providers currently meet global standards set out for 2020. Please provide us the name of your websites or platforms you wish to affiliate with us for promoting the selling of any product for cryptocurrencies. 

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uSellio and bitPaymt do not provide investment advice. However, we do provide the means to help users to acquire crypto currency outside of and to accept crypto for their properties on our site via our trusted partners at Coingateb or listed on our websites and affiliate networks connected to or partner direct with Coingate for your website with our basic free sign up link and save with our current percentage discount rate of 0.5% here